I was born in 1983 in Karlstad, Värmland. I have always returned to Värmland after assignments or travels, even though my home is now spelled Kil. I have since early years been interested in technology and in the early 1990’s I got in contact with computers for the first time. Relatively soon my interest for computer communication grew and since the end of the 1990’s I have actively focused my area of expertise to IT and information security.I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Karlstad’s University where I focused my studies towards IT security and wrote my thesis on security within IPv6. In 2005, before I hade completed my education I started working at WM-data as an IT security consultant, mainly with technical security reviews. After two years I moved on and begun at Veriscan Security AB, where I was hired as an information security consultant focusing on technical security. My responsibilities there lay on technical security reviews, application security, standards, policies &aml; guidelines (ISO27000, PCI/DSS etc.) and infrastructural design. From september in 2011 until february 2013 I worked for Avan AS in Oslo as a senior consultant within information security. In addition to continuing with ISO27000 my work there focused on PKI designs and implementations, security in remote access, secure system architectures and security in IPv6. After that I worked at ÅF in Karlstad between 2013-2015 as a senior consultant within the information security field. My work was focused on security standards such as ISO27000 and security in SCADA systems.

Since January 2015 I’m working at Bitsec in Karlstad as a senior consultant within the information security field. I spend most of my time working with stategic IT security and development of security testing for products and services in online health services.

In my professional role I am responsible, flexible and enterprising. I am stress hardy, but in order to achieve the best prestation in a tight project I consider that good planning is of utmost importance which guarantess that even unforseen events can be handled without adding further delays to the result.

I prefer to work in several ongoing projects simultaneously, in order to gain advantages and use the experience and knowledge in the ongoing projects. Since I as a person appreciate challenges this is a structure that suits me best.